Way Back When...

2004. It was simpler times. The economy was good, I was in college, my parents paid my rent...ah, I had the life. Everyone told me to cherish these days, that college didn't last forever, but I didn't listen. I remember a Tom Petty quote on everyone's Facebook...something about college, papers, and beer. I made fun of it then but PETTY HAD IT RIGHT! Damn that genius. He was right about college and he was damn right about "Free Falling".

Those were the days I thought it was acceptable to drink wine from a box, use "n" instead of and, and freely admit that I almost voted for Bush! We drank malt liquor, got bad tattoos (not me!), and ran between subway cars! We smoked American Spirits, wore fedoras (see picture to the left. I'm no Samantha Ronson. Thank God.), ate easy Mac for breakfast, and changed our sheets once a semester. Those were truly the days.

Back in college, the only restaurant we ever went to was a place on the Upper West Side we affectionately called "China Wine". We named it so because your lo mein came with carafes of free, flowing white zinfandel. We thought that "China wine" was really great vino, even though we had to cut it with Sprite and sip it with a straw. Sideways, we were not.

I also liked horrible music, like Dashboard Confessional. I thought he really "got me". I used to listen to his CD over and over when I was homesick for NJ (a mere forty miles away).

2004-2005 was also the year I gained 20 pounds from eating Chinese food. My mom even staged an intervention over Mother's Day brunch. ("Kelly...you're fat. And your room is a mess.)

It was a wake up call that summer, going home and realizing Rachel had shed twenty pounds while I was busy piling them on. Damn lo mein!

(Although judging from my diet of late, I guess things really haven't changed.)

Rummaging through photos of the past reminded me of how I thought I'd have it all figured out at 23. Twenty three seemed so old. I realize now that 23 is just another age that I'll look back on fondly, remembering my youthful indiscretions. As much as I would like to think we have all changed and matured, we continue to drink too much, sleep too late, and make horrible, awful decisions resulting in loss of blood, friends and significant others. The only difference is that we now drink on the weekends, pay taxes, and have money to buy new sheets when we haven't done our laundry in awhile.

Oh well. As I always say....we've only got ONE LIFE! to make the most of...

And I'm certain we'll all figure it out very soon.


  1. Funny blog. I miss our youth and those care free days...that summer was great when you packed on the lbs! There was almost a 30 lb difference between us! ahah

    And you really did use to listen to shit music!

  2. The China Wine... you thought that was the greatest thing ever, maybe it was.

  3. I agree. We make all the same bad decisions, we are just better dressed (I hope) while doing so. Sometimes I think we have even regressed. I think we all know what we want to do less now with our lives then before. Also paying taxes does really really sucks. Typical comment Rachel ha.

  4. Kelly, that's not a fedora. And speak for yourself w/ the whole "have money to buy new sheets" shpeal (only if Bed, Bath and Beyond takes Discover). Meghan, I agree- we have regressed, but are better dressed. Anyway, at least we know we lived it up back then, and we continue to. Age ain't nothing but a number ladies.

  5. "College is over and all your affectations have become habits."

    --Noah Baumbach's "Kicking and Screaming"

  6. Hahaha funny per usual kel. I resent there is no pic of me posted, but I think the bad tattoo thing is a shout out to me?? God I miss those days...

  7. I agree. But what about those who are 23 and pride themselves on the maturity they don't have? What are your thoughts on those people? Basically, we're all figuring stuff out. I'm glad you went public with this.

  8. life is sad and long and dreary.

    that is why i drink.

  9. That 30lb summer was the time I was skinner than you. I miss it.

    I don't know if you guys have regressed because that would imply you ever grew up. And we all know Kelly hasn't ever stopped taking 20s out of our mother's wallet.

  10. Well said, KPB. Life is still pretty great, though. China Wine has been replaced with Beer Gardens, Olde English with Svedka, and our view of the MC steeple with the Empire State Building. Boroughs may change, birthdays may pass, but you're still the same girl I met at orientation who kept tripping over her own feet. And you still do.

  11. nice comment, b.

    kate, china wine and is the greatest thing ever.

  12. Great blog! So true! LOL