National Magnetic Poetry Month Continues: God Edition

I wrote another "poem" at 5am, you know, because drinking a Monster energy drink last night was a good idea.

This one's a little God themed, but let it be known how I don't plot these, think about them, or even have an idea about what I am going to shove together on a magnetic surface until I sit in front of my sad, 20 year old mini-fridge. So maybe it's about God. Or maybe it's not.

Who knows? It's just magnetic poetry, yo!

Text as I'd have done it:

Some life
never needing
your coffee dark
or the
sky blue

It is almost
like asking
to laugh
to explore
to want
would poison
your sacred
vision of the
after world.

You are steel.

But you
must bleed.

For to be
is to

and you must
embrace this
wild, broken, brilliant


National Poetry Month

UPDATE: I'm free from the hospital. Thanks for the good wishes. Carry on.

It’s still National Poetry Month, or I have renamed it: National Magnetic Poetry Month Using the Geek-Themed Set I found at Target for a Dollar in College.

This was my attempt at romance but ended in a ode to food, as most poems do.

This here below would've been the actual text if I'd had more prepositions/control of my brain.

(I'm in the hospital because lupus may be attacking the old noggin.)

Anyway, here it is:


Stun my
cloudy brain!

Boost me up!

Set fire
to this
native world!

But protect our love.

So we can be
content in this,
our new planet.

With you,
there is joy


National Poetry Month

It's National Magnetic Poetry month!

Or just National Poetry Month.

Here's my contribution. If you can't read it, I'M SORRY. I sat on the kitchen floor during my insomnia (still haven't slept yet, hi drugs)...so here's the text. I really missed having more words but I only have the "Geek" version of Magnetic poetry that I bought at Target for a dollar.

I'm a pretty serious poet, guys.

Here's the text as I would have liked it:

If you need
to get out
of this world

Do it.
Battle evil,
live in action,
and write about the war.

But then, will you
please come home to me?

For I, too, am fire.

And together,
we are
and joy.


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