Life is a rollercoaster...

And I may puke.

In other news, I start work on Monday. The vacation known to others as "unemployment" (what a silly term) has finally come to an end. I received my official offer letter today, and it's a good offer with lots of perks. (Hello discounted gym membership and 20 days off and a week for Christmas and summer Fridays!) So I am excited, but nervous. As in I may puke (see above).

Today was a mixed up kind of day, with feelings and emotions and events that I have yet to reconcile with.

It was long, and I must learn how to sleep normally before I start my job. I don't think I can stay up until three every night anymore.

I may take it easy for Halloween this year, and not like act like an ass in a costume as I have every year prior (dating back to Halloween 2003, when my mother called me stupid ass for the very first time). I think it'd be best to start preserving my energy, health and spirit for something productive. Like work.

Interesting thought, eh? I'm going to sleep on that one.


The Walk Around The World Tour

Today we took a one mile barefoot walk in Asbury Park with Hanson and a bunch of other fans/ AIDs activists. Hanson donates a dollar for each person that walks a mile barefoot. It was pretty cold, and my feet are pretty sore, but it was awesome. I talked with Taylor and Kristie about their trips to Africa (fine, I said one word while Kristie went on about her awesomeness) and told Zac some lame Asbury Park trivia that I didn't even know that I knew. God, what a loser!!! I seriously embarass myself all the time. I need a muzzle.

I think I need a pedicure.

The show was amazing too. My camera died (of course) but I have lots of pictures inside my head. But you really don't want to get in there...


Raynaud's Phenomenon

A perk of lupus...

In the cold weather, my hands and feet are perpetually frozen. I've tried three pairs of socks (with Uggs...explains the smell), gloves, hand warmers, hot towels...everything. But they stay cold and turn purple/blue (it's really quite attractive...I have the hands of a corpse) and I can never really get warm.

I think I should move to California.

Anyway, so to stay warm I have developed a new habit. I...well...I stick my hands underneath my arm(pits). So now I've turned into Molly Shannon (Superstahhhh!) from SNL.

What's next, people, WHAT IS NEXT?!


Random words

At dinner last night...

My mother, to my brother and I...

"Are you two having a competition to see who can grow more zits?"

Enough said, Mom. 'Nuff said.

(I'm applying a ProActiv mask tonight. I swear.)