Life is a rollercoaster...

And I may puke.

In other news, I start work on Monday. The vacation known to others as "unemployment" (what a silly term) has finally come to an end. I received my official offer letter today, and it's a good offer with lots of perks. (Hello discounted gym membership and 20 days off and a week for Christmas and summer Fridays!) So I am excited, but nervous. As in I may puke (see above).

Today was a mixed up kind of day, with feelings and emotions and events that I have yet to reconcile with.

It was long, and I must learn how to sleep normally before I start my job. I don't think I can stay up until three every night anymore.

I may take it easy for Halloween this year, and not like act like an ass in a costume as I have every year prior (dating back to Halloween 2003, when my mother called me stupid ass for the very first time). I think it'd be best to start preserving my energy, health and spirit for something productive. Like work.

Interesting thought, eh? I'm going to sleep on that one.

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