Raynaud's Phenomenon

A perk of lupus...

In the cold weather, my hands and feet are perpetually frozen. I've tried three pairs of socks (with Uggs...explains the smell), gloves, hand warmers, hot towels...everything. But they stay cold and turn purple/blue (it's really quite attractive...I have the hands of a corpse) and I can never really get warm.

I think I should move to California.

Anyway, so to stay warm I have developed a new habit. I...well...I stick my hands underneath my arm(pits). So now I've turned into Molly Shannon (Superstahhhh!) from SNL.

What's next, people, WHAT IS NEXT?!


  1. Does it make your hands small as well?

  2. Yes you really should move to California. While it was snowing in Jersey this week, I was enjoying sunny, 80 degree weather here in Socal.

  3. Damn you, Shanni. I will be there soon enough! Nice handle by the way!

  4. I can't wait for your Cali trip blog!! With Pictures

  5. Katie was making fun of your SMALL hands, not smelly hands.