Hold me closer, tiny cancer...Actually, don't. Stay away!

It's National Young Adult Cancer Awareness So You Better Pay Attention Week (or something like that..)

The young adult cancer population is severely under served by research groups. Unlike every other age group, there has been no improvement in the 5-year survival of young adults since 1976. Young adults with cancer have different needs than the primary two groups with cancer: children and old people (Err...I mean the elderly. Sorry Grandma.). Young adults with cancer face issues with fertility, finances, and health insurance companies. Your twenties are difficult, but it sucks a lot more when you have cancer and are worried about missing work, school, and getting drunk with your friends. (I seem not to have a problem with the last one.)

So that's why you should care about helping to fund research for these all important group of cancer patients and survivors (ahem...me).

Sign this petition:


And visit my FAVORITE cancer organization to learn more about this cause.


And that's my plug of the week!


  1. Hold me closer, tiny cancer?!

    Genius! How have I never thought of this?!

  2. Nice one, Phoebe. I'll pass the sites along.

  3. Brilliant title.