Saddest Moments of Last Week

1) Getting locked in a McDonald's after going back two times because they screwed up my order and I REALLY wanted those chicken McNuggets. Also, I left a cab running this entire time and my total ended up being 24.70. I gave him $25 exactly. I expect the cab drivers to strike outside my apartment any day now.

2) I accidentally went into the men's room at work and was screamed at by a random person (whom I had never seen before) who, coincidentally, looks like a demented teddy bear. In my defense, the picture on the door was awfully androgynous.

3) I took so many cabs that my bank account literally exploded and left me with 9 dollars until payday.

4) I walked into walls and my cubicle so many times this week due to my loss of peripheral vision that someone at work asked me about my bruises. I wish I was kidding.

5) I made a playlist called "sad, sleep, forever". Puts me right to sleep.

6) Gen and I got into a mud fight at 3 am and Girls Gone Wild wasn't even there to film it. There goes my chance at stardom!

Annnnnnd that was last week.


  1. oh kelly. at least you don't have to take the train home tomorrow.

    also, when your order has been screwed up two times, maybe, just maybe, you should take it as a sign that you shouldn't be eating mcdonalds so late.

  2. LOL @ Kristie!

    I'm sure I could come up with some to make you feel better.

  3. i know you and emma love nuggets as much as i do. tho emma doesn't know the true joy as you always take off the delicious fried part.

  4. I think you should make your readers aware that the McDonalds is 0.7 miles from our apartment.

  5. you have made my morning.. thank you

    that is all

  6. The moral of the story: never take cabs.

  7. but i love cabs!

    and bk, i was on my way back from an extended happy hour.

  8. the bathroom one made me laugh out loud in the library.

    and i propose a rematch at bonnaroo.

  9. You may have lost all of your integrity last week, but your humor still remains...and in the end, that's all that counts.

  10. im glad your blogs have become funny again, they were getting a little rough there, the last one was mind numbing, but this one was funny except you shoulda tied in gens "accident" at megans at the time of thanksgiving might be unnecessary but woulda been funny if you tied it in creatively.

  11. That "anonymous" comment HAS to be from my brother!