Things I Love (Right Now)

1) Spring! It's spring! And boy, is it glorious! Yesterday we lounged in Central Park for hours and hours and I got sunburned and everyone was happy.

2) Baseball. Despite the fact that the Yankees got spanked yesterday, there's nothing better than a baseball game, stadium cotton candy ("THE COTTON CANDY MAN! DEREK, I see him! GET HIM TO COME OVER HERE!"), hot dogs, and twelve dollar beers.

3) Brunch. How on earth did it take me twenty three years to appreciate this miracle of a meal? Waffles AND unlimited mimosas? Oh, my.

4) New babies! Let's face it: babies are cuter, better smelling and better looking than most of us. My darling cousin Liz and her husband Kyle welcomed their first child on Friday, a beautiful babe named Kelly. Err---I mean Cecelia Rose. Now I just gotta get to Seattle to see the munchkin and teach her all the bad tricks I've taught the rest of my (fake) nieces. Get ready for a drumming, cursing baby who throws her toys while screaming "BOMBS AWAY!"

5) Bonnaroo. It is now less than two months away! Our foray into the Tennessee wilderness, encountering beasts (hippies) from all walks of life is going to be...well....LEGEN-DARY. (I had to say it.)

6) Planning trips I can't afford. I'm thinking Seattle this summer, Paris in October, maybe Australia for Christmas? I think this whole idea of "saving" is really quite overrated. And I have a really good feeling about next week's Take 5 Lotto picks. Plus Tim McGraw has advised me to live like I was dying...so...I'm going to go ahead and do so.

What are you loving right now?


  1. I'm loving that your fake niece learned how to eat cereal with milk... it's the cutest.

  2. Good mix up between sad and happy

  3. Ok, since you asked, things I love right now:

    1) Brunch. (well unlike you, i have always loved brunch) Next time we have to sit outside dammit!
    2) Babies. The obsession is actually getting really sick. Take today, for example: I was standing in line at Rite Aid behind a mom holding her infant, with like it's head on her shoulder, and I stood really really close behind her so that I could try to smell the baby's head. I think the mom heard me sniffing really loudly because she immediately put the baby in the stroller.
    3) Bonnaroo. I was thinking we should get a kiddie pool for our campsite.......hm. I wish we could rent a baby to go with it...
    4) Planning vacations I can't afford. I'm going to Mallorca, Spain. And I just found this really great deal for a Mediterranean cruise that I'm pushing for as a family vacation. Unfortunately, my dad's already planned our next family vacation, which is a tour of the Utz potato chip factory in PA.
    5) Doing anything and everything besides doing law school work and studying for finals. This includes falling asleep in parks, drinking before 12pm, watching the same youtube video 10 times ("Ow Char-LIE!"), planning vacations I can't afford, and writing writing ridiculously long blog comments.

  4. i'm loving...

    1) counting down the days until the summer where the beach and brooklyn will be frequented often.
    2) the weather and how it makes me appreciate the beauty of my campus.
    3) finally being able to go out with my friends now that i'm 21.
    4) that in just a few weeks, i won't have schoolwork for 3 months.
    5) also planning trips i can't afford such as disney, california, swaziland, and other places.

  5. Gen I was totally going to be like it's MAJORCA but then I found out you can spell it both ways. dammit. But well done on the comment anyway. You too, Red. Except I'd advise against Disney World as it is very very expensive.

  6. Gen looks like Christie Brinkley in this pick. I look like my Asian student, Aaron.

  7. hooray come to meet her!!! also i keep saying bombs away about things lately