little slice of life.

C'mon, you can do it.

Seriously...it's Friday night.

Everyone's going. I haven't seen you in so long.

But we had plans...

Why are you so lame?


I wake up. Headache. I walk. Knees. Work. Tired. Home. Headache. Can't sleep. Neck. Back. Brain.

This is exhausting.

It's okay though. I can handle this. I have. Plus, it's funny sometimes. Like today, when I nearly aspirated my lungs during a test because I was stupidly chewing gum and it almost went into my lungs. Whoops. But come on, Orbit lasts forever! And it's so delicious!

But it sucks, because I am lame. I'm painfully aware of this. I'm tired. I'm tired. I'm in a Boo Radley phase, and I just gotta sleep sleep sleep.

My doctor reminded me a couple weeks ago: there is no cure for this. This is lifetime baby; chronic. It's not getting better and God willing, it won't get worse.

I'm just going to try and hibernate, Berenstain Bear style.

Maybe I'll feel better when spring has truly sprung.

When I can smell and hear and eat and laugh and nothing, nothing hurts.


  1. Oh Boo Radley, I will be your Scout. I'm sorry for calling you lame. I'd offer to make you dinner BUT I DID ON WEDNESDAY AND YOU WENT OUT FOR BROOKLYN RESTAURANT WEEK.

    Ahem, sorry. Well yeah, it's still in the fridge if you want it.

    Oh and don't die soon, please? I can't afford this rent by myself. Sleep tight.

  2. Did you leave this comment while I was peeing? Methinks so.

  3. Yeah. I left you a message in the lone tree in front of the apartment - it explains everything.

  4. at least everyone can get it now.

  5. achronicdose.blogspot.com

    they'll get ya.

  6. love you pookie. you're the strongest person i know!