New Beers Resolutions


It's Sunday. January 3rd. Which means that my vacation from the real world is about to end. In 24 hours I will be at my desk. At work. Crying.

And because I decided the new Kelly would begin on the 4th, I won't be crying into my favorite bag of salt and vinegar chips. I won't be drowning my sorrows into a vanilla latte from Starbucks. There will be no Rice Krispie treat to catch my tears.

It will be January 4th and these resolutions will begin...

1) Go to the gym at least 4 times a week. I don't really see this happening. I hate working out and gyms smell bad. Plus sometimes this means that I'll have to shower twice in one day. I dislike this idea immensely. But I am going to try!

2) Give up soda, candy, Starbucks, chips and fried food. This basically means I have to reinvent my entire diet. Note that I did not include bagels. A girl's got to live for something.

3) Only get drunk once a week and never during the week. Ha.

4) Write a book. This is the year!

5) Quit using parents' credit card. Considering I have the numbers memorized (I don't even know my own credit card numbers), this will likely be the most difficult resolution. But I'm almost 24 (gasp!) so it's time to give it up. UGHHHH.

6) Save money. Since I intend to follow #5 and I am also planning a trip to Europe, I also don't see this happening. But whatever. I'm going to try.

Okay. I think six resolutions are enough. There are multiple areas of improvement in my life, but come on--I can only do so much. Plus, my flaws just make me more charming. (Right??)

What are you giving up this year?

Wish me luck!


  1. Oh Bergin, this is bound to be a disaster...

  2. More exercise, save money, not getting agitated over little things. All broken when I refused to pay $7 for the cab that I took 1/2 mile last night. Starting on the 4th works for me!

  3. i dont see this happening!

  4. My new years resolutions are:
    -To not puke at Kelly's work friends apartments
    -Exercise (let's face it, I'm getting winded pretty easily these days)
    -Tumblr more, facebook less
    -Find a year long service program
    -Graduate from college
    -Save money
    -Go away somewhere

  5. This year I will find the ever elusive "happy medium".
    I will appreciate more, more frequently.
    I'm going to start believing the fortune cookies and heeding the advice of cheesy inspirational posters.
    I want to slow down while living it up.
    I need to become more accepting, but at the same time become more discerning.
    I want to remember more. More of my childhood, more of what I learn in school, more of last night.

    ...and I have GOT to lose 10 pounds.


  7. Guys, I totally have only broken 1 or 2 of these resolutions! How good am I?!