Maybe I should move to LA

Me: What are you up to tonight?
Rachel: The prince has invited me to his casa in Bel Air tonight for a champagne toast of the new year ha ha.
Me: Oh, I'm going to go home and put on my sweatpants. Maybe make some Ramen, maybe rent a movie, I DON'T KNOW!


  1. Hey I thought our gmail work chats were private...You can watch the Will Smith version of Fresh Prince Of Bel Air in NYC while I'll be with the real one!

    haha I crack myself up

  2. One day I will compose a blog full of my favorite comments. This most definitely makes the list.

  3. two cousins, so different. i think that was illuminated new years eve in the taxi cab, the four of us yelling at each other...

  4. more like yelling at one specific person for their different ideas for the night. the upside was that that was the most kristie talked all night... LOL!

  5. looks like KPB4Life has been revealed hahaha

  6. Colleen! Your very first comment.

    And yes, I knew it was Sam all along...