Love, Love, Love

Yesterday I woke up to my dad coming to visit my apartment with a huge box of goodies from my old boss at Harrison & Star, Sara.

Inside there was applesauce for my mouth sores, a bunch of books I've been dying to read, a writer's guide, fake hair extensions, a sleep mask and more.

I was completely blown away and sincerely moved by the gesture.

Later that day, I went to get the mail and curiously noticed a few more packages. I quickly brought them inside before my dad realized I'd ordered a couple of used books of Amazon on his AmEx...but there was more.

There was a Christmas card and a note from one of my FD camp friends, Barbershop. He wrote to let me know he was thinking of me during this tough time. The note was so beautiful and touching and personal that I'm welling up just now thinking about it.

And then there was something else! A beautiful piece of art from my camp counselor, PopTop (we all have a nickname) and a rad mix CD. I had to search my house for a CD player but I found one after my time machine kicked in (kidding, PT!) And as Bob Marley warbled "Don't worry, about a thing", I felt immediate comfort (and a craving for medicinal marijuana). I lounged back and listened to the rest of the CD and thought about how lucky I am.

I wonder, sometimes, what to do with all this love? I am given so much. From my parents and family and cousins, who cook for me, do my laundry and generally aid me as I go through this period of extreme fatigue.

From my friends, who give the simple gift of understanding. Who don't pressure me to do more than what I'm capable of. From my camp family at FD, who inspire me daily.

From my niece. Who is only 5 months old but yet brings me such joy. From my sister, who puts that baby in the car to come see her Aunt Kelly. From my brother, and his inane text messages that make me laugh and roll my eyes.

And from this online community of Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram: strangers before, they now send me books and notes and prayers.

What to make of a life so full, so hard, so beautiful?
I must practice gratitude.

Know that people are good. That for every horror story, there are a million acts of kindness.
This is proof. And I am so grateful.

So, what to do with this love?
Appreciate it.
Pass it on.
Be kind.
Be good.

Pass it on.

Thank you to everyone for their support. I love you all.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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  1. Grandma is touched and is crying and you know grams- she doesnt cry easily! Beautifully written. You truly are a beautiful person. Love you with all my heart.