"Can I do anything to help?"

"Can I do anything? Please?"

No, but thanks.

Aw, that means a lot but I’m okay, thanks.

Nah, but thanks for asking.

I appreciate it, but I’m okay.

This is what I say.

This is how I respond.

I thank them. I move on.

What I need is this,

right now:
An assurance that everything will be fine.

A hand that covers mine.

A soul strong enough to bear a piece of mine, 

if only just for tonight.

What do I need?
A way to escape the fear

that is replaying in my head.

I am scared, I am scared, I am afraid.

Everything else is physical.

Everything else is manageable.

And still:

I am scared, I am scared,
I am afraid.

(But thank you for asking.)


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