New Year's Resolutions

They are as follows:

1. Stop getting hit by cabs and falling all over cobblestone streets. My knees are bloody, my confidence shaken, my dignity destroyed.

2. To stop only being extremely, brutally honest when I'm drunk. I've found out Rachel will still hit me even though the ball is dropping and people are celebrating and hugging and we're in the middle of a bar on New Year's Eve.

3. Change my socks more often. The smell...it's not so good.

4. Exercise. I hear it's good for you? (I don't know about this one. I really hate to move. You know what's great? Laying in bed.)

5. Watch less television, read more about history and stuff. I love to read, but my picks are usually of the post-modern variety (or Princess Diaries, whatever, I'M NOT TOO OLD). Or memoirs. I love hearing about people's messed up lives. It'd be good to know stuff about the world...like what WAS the War of 1812? I mean do you know? You probably know. I should probably know this.

What are your New Year's Resolutions? I know it's a little late...and you've probably already broken 'em, but give it a chance. You CAN change! You can lose 50 lbs this year! Look at Star Jones! Look at that guy Jared from the Subway commercials.

This is your year, I can feel it.


  1. hmmm my new years resolution is to stop eating so much junk food. i also plan to learn to cook healthy (apparently warming up already made chicken fingers in the wok with hot sauce is not technically cooking. or healthy. i highly disagree). i also plan to lose weight by exercising four to five hours a week.
    we'll see how this goes as these resolutions are remarkably similar to last years...

    and as for your blog kelly, once again your humor has amused me. i hope you follow through with those resolutions-especially the first. i mean lupus, cancer, and that other disease that i can't spell or pronounce, is enough for one person. let's not add anything else to the list by acting like yourself (and when i say 'yourself', i mean what happens to you, gen and rachel after a few too many drinks). your lovely immune system loves to make a big deal out of nothing. so dodge those cabs when they're about to hit you, hesitate to run drunkenly on cobblestone, and just be a little more careful in general...

  2. You getting hit by a cab on my birthday made up for the 6hr trek throughout the boroughs of New York. So thank you for that.

  3. To not be so lazy

  4. kelly you should also add as one of your resolutions is no drunk texting. ha

  5. um, my resolution is to love you more. I love you KPB!

  6. It's that time of year again, the New Year. Have you made your resolutions yet? I've put together a list of some good ones to help get you started easyessay : I promise to not drink soda or any other sugary drinks for an entire month I promise to try one new thing every day and write about it I promise to always be kind and say thank you when someone does something nice for me. What are your resolutions this year?