7 Things You May Not Know

Write a post on your blog telling your readers (do I HAVE readers?) SEVEN things about yourself they are not very likely to know (through the blog specifically or people in general might not know) about you! (This is what I do when I can't think of anything to write about.)

1. I really love most of the children television shown on PBS (except for that chick with the comfy couch. I'm sorry, but girlfriend needs a new agent--then again, she is definitely making more money than me, and probably has a bed in her room. Unlike me). I'm not a fan of that Nickelodeon anymore; they have gone way downhill in terms of programming (except for the old throwbacks like Fairly Oddparents, and Spongebob). The twins from "Big Daddy" are NO LONGER CUTE. And they are way annoying. But the shows on PBS are a gem. Now, I know I was too old to really love "Arthur" as a child, but that show has a helluva lot of charm. When I was babysitting, before I got a real job, I used to force the two year old that I watched to tune in with me. I don't know if you know much about toddlers, but their attention spans are pretty short. So I would end up TiVoing it and watching it during naptime. Alone. Also, I will drop anything and watch "The Magic School Bus" if it comes on. Seriously- I learn a lot, and I have fun. Best show ever.

2. If you know me, you are painfully aware of my obsession with Ann Martin's late series, The Babysitter's Club. If you really know me, you also know that whenever I am depressed, angry, sad, or happy, I reread my favorite books of the series. I also read the holiday themed books around each holiday. I won't be in the Christmas spirit without reading about how Mallory saved her family's Christmas when her dad got laid off. (This book would be extremely timely had Ann Martin published it now. God, I love her.) And then, in another book, she tries to have an old-fashioned Christmas, and it, of course, goes awry! Damn you rampant commercialism!

3. My favorite color is blue. How come no one ever asks me this anymore? I think it's relevant, especially if you are buying me something. Take note, future suitors, relatives and friends.

4. I love Hanson. Oh wait, you ALL already knew that. I also love jazz music, but you might have known that too.

5. Got one! Bet you didn't know that thanks to me, Manhattan College has implemented a VERY strict policy when it comes to absences. I was too afraid to tell my jazz professor that I had multiple diseases. But when he docked my grade because of too many missed classes, I had to fess up. He then turned to administration to force them to implement a policy that requires students to inform their professors of this kind of stuff in a timely matter and NOT at the very end of the semester, as I did. The next semester, every syllabus had a whole page devoted to the matter. But that was the semester I got cancer, so I didn't care. HA! Anyway, sorry.

6. I am a great driver now (just ask Brenna), but as a fifteen year old studying for my permit test, I backed my mom's Volvo into the fence and completely knocked it down. To which my mother said "YOU ARE NO LONGER MY DAUGHTER!". I still think she overreacted. However, this story is not as good as a certain friend's story. He/she shall not be named, but he/she totally drove their car through a store. I still crack up everytime I think about it. And it's not Rachel, if that's what you're thinking.

7. The seventh thing you don't know about me is....okay, I have one. Yesterday I dropped my ID badge in front of my boss's office. I bent down to pick it up, tripped over my own very small feet, and slammed my head on the wall. Then I said, really loudly, "Ow, I sure am clumsy". No one responded/noticed/picked their heads up. I'm not sure I even exist.

So...tell me something about yourself...


  1. I have tears in my eyes, I'm laughing so hard about the 7th one. Does not get old. I think I'm going to make you re-create the fall again once you come home from work.

    You should inform your readers about how you will pay people off to do just about anything for you. Worked out well for me though, doing everything for you paid for my junior year of college. Thanks, Kpb!

  2. A. I am the biggest clutz you will ever meet.
    B. When I was 17 I crashed my mom's car into a parked car while i was making a left. I wasn't intoxicated or under the influence or anything. Just really tired.
    C. My dad likes Jazz music so the 2of you can bond over that.
    D. I never took you for a PBS kinda girl but I LOVED Arthur and the Magic School Bus growing up. I also watched a bunch of the disney kid shows like Mickey Mouse Club and Kids Incorporated.

  3. Hahaha that last one really cracked me up. I can totally picture in my head exactly how you fell.
    I agree with Brenna however I've never reaped the monetary benefit of driving you to the various bars in Belmar and Red Bank. Maybe you should tell them how you change personalities as soon as you've had too much to drink and are in a car, with your friends, driven by yours truly. Tell them the 7-11 story, unless of course you don't remember. I'm sure Meghan does though.

  4. You forgot to mention the time my mom made you take her on a test drive and you did not know how to turn on the defroster when it was raining so you started to cock you head in different directions to find space to see out of, until eventually there was a quarter sized space to see out of and my mom made you pull over. How you passed the driving test is beyond me.

  5. First of all, mental image on #7 almost made me wet myself.
    Second, Brenna has a point above, you WILL pay people off to do ANYTHING.

    1. I've only taught one person how to drive and will NEVER do it again.
    2. I hate the dark.
    3. I've made good friends from the internet... wedding planning website not some shady chat room thank you.
    4. I get annoyed when people don't RSVP, really annoyed.
    5. I think Tigger is hilarious but I'm saddened by the fact that the show is now "My friends Tigger and Pooh" and there's no Christopher Robin.

  6. Jazz? Lies.

    And that friend of yours did not drive through the store. She/he drove through the storefront! Big difference! My, uh, his or her car did not come out the other side of the store!

  7. Great comments, everyone. Especially Erin, for outing herself as my friend who drove through the store (front).

  8. I adore you, and I wish I had discovered how adorable you are before senior year. Just throwing that out there.

  9. Aw Crystal I miss you! Hope the UK is treating you well. Hey you must be my one visitor in Europe!

  10. love this.. i cant even stand.. this is great.. see you soon

  11. I have an older sister who, while we would be on vacation, used to make me playing along with the fact that we lived in New York City in the village, just like the show Friends. This same sister, once she hit college, made me tell all her friends from school that me and her surfed every day. I once had to send her a picture message of my board to make her look legit.

    Im no saying which sister but this perticular sister blogs often and loves Jazz, and has never been to South American...hmm who could it be...

    love always,

  12. Hahahaha you just got burned by Gregory

  13. I once ate rocks thinking they were candy....but you knew that. I WAS A CHUBBY CHILD IT WASN'T MY FAULT.

  14. 1. No one knows I exist
    2. I love kats
    3. I cut out pictures of my favorite celibrities and post them on my headboard
    4. I love candy buttons
    5. My family disowned me
    6. I watch tv and surf blogs all day
    7. I love Ms. Kelly Bergin