An Ode to Shake Shack

Dear Shake Shack,

Thank you. Thank you for being you. Thank you for entering my life on a whim, and changing it for the better. Without you and your awesomeness, I would have never experienced the delight of your burgers, shakes and fries. Without you, I'd be empty inside, a shell of a woman, searching for the perfect french fry. But now, with you, I know I have found it! There is joy in my life now, light surrounding my face, a beauty that has made people stop in the streets and exclaim " You woman! You are beautiful! You must have eaten Shake Shack!".

Even though you have caused me to gain four pounds in a week, it has all been worth it. You make working 9 hours a day worth it. You are...my everything.

Shake Shack!

Go to NYC people, just for Shake Shack.




  1. I don't think I've ever been more eager to try something in my life! I feel we might turn into some hefty women.. hefty women with an amazing apartment! This might be your greatest obsession since hot sauce!

  2. It IS my greatest obsession since Hot Sauce! Thank God I get full easily or else I might seriously gain weight!

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