London Calling!

So today I did something crazy.

I booked a flight to London.

It was crazy cheap. Dirt cheap. So I..DID IT.

Even though I'm broke. Even though I have no one to stay with.

I just...did it.

ONE LIFE, right?

I say this all the time. It's about time I started living it.

I plan to stay in hostels and am also going to Paris for 3 days.

I've been to London once, but never to Paris. It's been a long time since I was in Europe.

One LIFE. (And, also, one milligram of Xanax. That I just took.)

Tips are appreciated. Hostel recommendations. Things (or people, ha ha, just kidding, wait, free pints) I must see, do, or eat.

Help a crazy sistah out. Email me at kelly.bergin@gmail.com or PLEASE comment with suggestions.



  1. Never been to London. I have been to Paris and stayed in a hostel called Oops (ignore the name). The breakfast wasn't good (hey you'll be in Paris, have breakfast somewhere else) but the rest was great and affordable.

  2. Paris - I stayed at Three Ducks. Not the nicest place, but great neighborhood, and they have a bar downstairs.

    London - Astor's hostels are pretty good - I stayed in the Leinster, although I'm not sure it's in operation right now.

    If you're really daring, you should couchsurf. No better way to get the local flavor.

  3. I suppose Mother would not approve of the couchsurfing option, but if she gives a good donation to the "Let's Not Get Kelly Held Hostage By Europeans" fund I'm starting, I MAY EVEN GET TO STAY IN A HOSTEL!

    I'm pretty psyched to be traveling alone. I have an alias all cooked up for myself.


  4. I really should sleep and stop muttering "PARIS MOTHERFUCKERS!" to myself in my bed.

  5. Doubtful you get held hostage by Europeans. Particularly the Parisians. They're not so partial to Americans.

    Kudos to you! I did something similar once- booked a flight to Prague on a whim (I was visiting my then-boyfriend and friends) and it was the best vacation ever. I couldn't afford it. I shouldn't have gone but I don't regret it for a second and would do it again in a heartbeat.

    Have fun, take the train and relish it!

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  7. We're in a similar situation. We've already got our trip to Europe planned and paid for, and now I just found out my company is being acquired and I'm being laid off in a few months. Now trying to come to terms with what to do. The 'right' thing would be to postpone since we shouldn't be spending money when I'll be out of work soon, but we really want to go. I hope you have a great time.

  8. Do it. You'll have an awesome time.

  9. http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2vYApx/www.bugeurope.com/

  10. couch surfing seems interesting: and cheap.

  11. Long time reader/lurker. Awesome that you booked a trip over to London. You can totally chill with me for a day or two if that helps and I hope the sun makes a reappearance for when you're around. Seriously, this is awesome.