I'm almost 25 years old.

Things That Make Me Realize I Am A Child

· Realizing, at 12:30, that I have been wearing my shoes on the wrong feet. For 4 hours.
· Standing on my bed to jump off (for no good reason), slipping and smacking my forehead on the hardwood floor. However, the THWACK! sound that rung out when my demented head hit the wood was rather satisfying.
· When playing Declan in a game with Words with Friends (username: kellybergin), I laugh hysterically at his last word choice: duty. DOODIE!
· Breaking my very expensive eyeglasses. For the 4th time in less than two years.
· Daring a friend to eat a whole thing of wasabi as a form of petty entertainment.
· Entering a very smelly women’s bathroom at a bar and immediately yelling “It wasn’t me!” to everyone who walked in. It wasn’t, in fact, me.
· Not owning a laundry basket.
· As a result, not doing laundry for 6 10 weeks.
· Burning Ramen.
· Eating Ramen.
· Being like, really bad at grammar, and having to google the difference between < and >.

I need to go back to elementary school.


  1. Bergs! Get it together.

  2. No more monkeys jumpin on the bed!!

  3. Dude, I love this.

  4. Oh boy. Another pair of lost glasses?

  5. Are we talking less than/ greater than? Gobble up the big number yo!

  6. Classic Wasabi dare. It never gets old. P.S. That really was *you* in the bathroom, wasn't it? :)

  7. Your blog cracks me up.

  8. I can totally see you doing the bathroom thing.