the free pass

the free pass is my youth, slowly floating away.
i can cling to it. i can be drunk and foolish. 
i can tweet and blog about the dumb things i do,
the trips i take,
the people i let in for a second or two 
and then quickly discard.

i am young! 
i can feel things but face them later.
i can see it, drink, and forget.

or i can be present.
and feel those things now.
and not ignore it.
and do what i should.
face reality.

become a better version of myself.
the person i can be.
the person i always have been,
even as i've hid it, 
and drank it away,
and melted those feelings into one big lump.
the lump that's hard to swallow.

i can look in the mirror and see everything,
and deal.
i can do that.
i have.

i will.


  1. so many people don't practice this self-awareness. good for u. xo-t

  2. never heard of you says..February 3, 2011 at 3:46 PM

    I really like this one.

  3. LOVE THIS KELLY. Really really well written.

  4. You can and you are. Love you!

  5. You are a fucking kick ass writer. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.