2011--LET'S DO THIS.

Last week, in a haze of self-doubt at work, I began obsessively thinking about the ways I could change myself.

Each year I hope to become a better person, but part of me had faltered in doing that in 2010. Everything I did or felt was in the extreme: sick, happy, sad, drunk, stupid, mean. 

It was a long year, filled with pain and hospital visits and more trips to the ER than I can count. But it was also filled with pockets of joy, moments where I felt whole.

However, I failed to follow through on any of unrealistic last year's resolutions. I joined a gym for like 5 minutes, I didn't write a book (no, I'm not Snooki, despite popular beliefs), and I still have no money. 

I didn't travel as much as I would have liked, but I ate dim sum in Chinatown that one time and also lived in Middlesex County for 3 months. (Middlesex County, New Jersey. Not England.) 

I certainly didn't have enough adventures in 2010, either. Unless you count ill-advised drunken nights in Seattle with strange older men. WHICH I DO!

I also never stopped using my parents credit card. And thanks to them, I'm Delivery.com's best customer. And will soon be rewarded with a Delivery.com SNUGGIE!

So after failing miserably in 2010, I set out to make a list that would mold me into the best version of myself in '11. This is the year I turn 25 and stop acting like I'm 19. This is the year I stop writing blogs about puking (mmm..). This is the year I have a child. (HAHA JK IT WOULD DIE IN MY CARE.)

This is the year I become less dead inside, avoid McDonald's completely (even when hungover), and stop taking Xanax to sleep every night. I'll also write that book (pen name: Snooki), eat disgusting healthy food, and avoid my quarterly hospitalizations. I'll learn to speak Spanish (Como estas, BITCHES?) and hug people more. (Why do we hug? To show love?? Still not clear about the point of hugs.) And I will go to Europe.

I'm ready for a change. So, 2011, let's go:

This is the year of the Bergin. 


  1. Oh Kelly - if I could I'd give you a big hug right now. :) Kidding. Well, maybe not. I am grateful to have come to know you (well, online anyway)in 2010 and look forward to hearing of your adventures in 2011. I've said it before but you remind me a wee bit of my daughter. Seeing how you come through such extreme and challenging things gives me hope that my smart, sassy, funny gal will also go through life's challenges with such pinache and strength. But maybe she'll do so without the drunken nights in Seattle with older men ;)

  2. I had moments where I felt whole too..how awesome are those days? Love you, did I ever tell you you're my hero?well ya are.

  3. WOMAN! DO IT! I will have to harp on you to keep you doing the good things...
    NO MICKEY D's! I hate that place. Mostly b/c of Food, Inc (I think), or the Morgan Spurlock movie.

    And ask away any time you need some tips for "disgusting health food stuff."

  4. I would like to note that numbers 6 and 7 were my ideas. Signed, christine keogh

  5. 11) mention your awesome siblings/cousins more in 2011 ?

  6. Fair enough, Keogh.

    Yes, Tall Noe. I will need your help.


  7. Oh shit. That's in Spanish. I hope I know what that means in 2012.