I'm a snob and now my whole family has written proof

Email I sent out this week to my parents, brother and sister:

hi family,

i’ve decided i’m only giving books for christmas this year. aside from that unreadable trash that is sarah palin’s memoir, is there anything you would like? (coughmomcough) actually, never mind, don’t tell me. i’m just going to buy you books that are awesome* and that you would like and should read.

dad, you said something about lewis and clarke?

also i’m not buying anyone anything that has dan brown or malcom gladwell as the author.

snobbily yours,

the first born.

*preapproved by kelly bergin, who holds a b.a. in english and a weekend subscription to the new york times (AS OF YESTERDAY!)


  1. Did anyone respond to this email Kelly? I sure as hell didn't.

  2. Yes, Greg did and he spelled truly wrong so I bought him a book for Christmas!

  3. lol i'm sure nobody would ask her to bring them anything or doesnt i think thats for sure its good to be a snob sometimes you dont have to deal with spending so much on anything or anyone you dont want to and they dont bother asking you.