Another One Where I Get Stopped In The Street By My Neighbors

This morning, as I walked to the F...

Hip New Yorker: Excuse me
Me: (Takes off headphones that are blaring Joshua Radin, don't judge me) Yes?
Hip New Yorker: Do you know you have all this white powder on the back of your jeans?
Me: (Screwing my body around to see) Oh wow. No.
Hip New Yorker: And a Forever 21 tag sticking out.
Me: Oh.
Hip New Yorker: Yeah see?
Me: Oh! Haha, wow, so that's where my gram of coke went.
Hip New Yorker: (Silence)

I really need a full length mirror.


  1. I will buy you one for Christmas KB. I love your attempts to be hip.

  2. HAHA sit on your powdered donuts again pookie???

  3. oops! haha and people say new yorkers are mean. so far they have saved you from see-through leggings and powdered ass!

  4. actually i think it was baby powder from my attempt to degreasify my hair. sad, but true.

  5. haha showering is good for degreasing hair. just a hint. also you can get a full length mirror at target or walmart for like 10 or 15 bucks to save further embarrassment.. i think that word has too many r's or s's or both.

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