Cancer Never Goes Away: A Medical Update

Today, I went to see my endocrinologist, who handles my diabetes and thyroid cancer. She noted that it's been five years since my cancer diagnosis but my markers were off and she'd like to do a set of scans again.
No biggie, usually. I've had this done in the past. It involves 3 days of injections and then a scan.
However, this time, insurance refuses to cover the process. (They claim they don't cover cancer. WTF.) So we will have to go about declaring me cancer free in a different, much more difficult way.
I will go through 4 weeks of withdrawal of my thyroid medicine, which stimulates your metabolism, your energy and fatigue levels. I will not be allowed to take any thyroid supplements until my numbers go down and they can do the scan. The scan will be able to see if anything new is growing.
My doctor told me to expect to feel shittier than I have ever felt before. I'll likely gain weight and be exhausted from short activities. You cannot function without a thyroid, and I will monitored carefully (my doctor said to text her complaints, because I'll have them! Ha ha kill me!)
I did not see this setback coming, so I am understandably upset. And angry. And wishing I could catch a break now, or anytime soon.
I'm also in the swing of a lupus attack and dealing with mouth and throat sores. I am about to be 10x more miserable, which I totally did not think was possible!
So, dear readers, please comment below or on Facebook and give me good recommendations for books and streaming TV shows. I'll also be writing for most of this time, so if you have any interest honing editing skills, let me know!
It's going to be a tough 4 weeks. But hopefully my scans will be clear and I will be given the OK to move back to California in March.
Thanks for continuing along!

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  1. This is the WORST! I am so sorry Kelly! I am keeping you in my thoughts and have my fingers crossed that you'll be back here in March.

  2. Kelly - you guys are always in my thoughts! I am currently addicted to seasons of Prison Break on Amazon Prime Streaming. Keeps my attention for hours.

  3. I started watching Dawson's Creek. I cannot explain to you how hard I laughed and secretly (not secretly) fell in love with Pacey. It's a great boredom/escape from life cure. Good luck, hope it helps.

  4. Sucks totally :( Keep us posted and feel free to bitch, moan, groan and bitch some more, cuz you are so allowed! I got addicted to Breaking Bad and I know my kids love Grimm. It will be over with before you know it and I am positive your scans will be clear :) ♥

  5. I'm halfway through the book, Drinking with Men which came out last week.

  6. Bubbles, I love you so much. Get to Cali in March, I will be here waiting to drive to you! xo

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