Be kind. Live big.

My friend Lauren passed away a few hours ago from melanoma. She was 30 years old and the best cancer fighter I’ve ever known.

She was my mentor when I was a wee junior copywriter at H&S and eventually I helped her deal with cancer. But it was more like she helped me; calling every hospitalization, texting me dirty jokes, buying me breakfast. We were friends who understood something most of our others could not: this horrifying world of illness.
And Lauren got it. She really did. She got that life was short. She got what all us cancer kids get: an unfortunate but necessary perspective on life. We are not here for long. Remember that.

I'm shocked a spirit so vibrant and so memorable could be gone. Lauren fought harder than I thought possible. In doing so, she revealed herself. And she revealed the good in others too.
Keep that with you. LIVE LIKE THAT.

Be kind. Live big.


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