On the nights where I lay in bed for hours, wishing for sleep, the thought of seeing the sun rise consoles me.

This morning I put my sneakers on at 6 and wrangled my dog into her collar and leash. I strapped my iPhone to my arm and we took off for the ocean, a 3 mile round trip.

Running through this latest lupus flare has been tough. I missed a 5K this weekend because my ankles swelled to twice their size. It's harder for me physically, and it's hard mentally to accept my limitations. To resist the urge to push until I do more damage.

But my body surprises me. When I think I'm on empty and I am out of breath, I find that we have made it here.

I stop where the sand meets the ocean, and I stare, and I marvel at how lucky I am that I am here to see this; how lucky we are to be here at all.


  1. Great! Most people are clueless.So self absorbed but you accept it and get it with them. That is why you are so special!. Start writing an unexplored take on chronic illness. You get it and don't feel you don't. You can find something to say without being replaying some others. You know what I mean.

  2. You're awesome. Really inspiring kel