Congratulations, Moe and Gus!

Gus and Moe got married on Friday afternoon.

It was a fantastic wedding, for an awesome couple who have survived six years of a long, long, loooooong distance relationship to make it to this place. No wonder we all cried during the ceremony. It just felt right. The whole church radiated warmth and love for these two people whom we love so much. And the reception? Well, let's just say my aunt knows how to throw a party and those Aussies know how to get down. (And apparently do the Irish jig.)

And I couldn't have asked for a better three weeks with my out of town cousins (minus the whole sick thing). I will miss Moe and Gus when they head back to Australia and Liz and Cece as they head back to Seattle in the next few days.

Also: the hot groomsmen have me thinking of Australia as a nice place to settle for awhile. Do they have lupus down there?

I love you, mate(s)!


  1. What a beautiful bride!


  2. gorgeous bride handsome groom-both radiating happiness!!!

  3. what a beautiful couple! I don't think Moe remembers me from your bday last year, but tell her I said congrats! /im scared to watch the video you posted of the speech because ill probably cry....even though I wasn't there.

  4. Oh, my cousins and I cried like babes.