Scenes From A Hangover

“It’s bad,” she said to herself.

She woke up, fully clothed. Sitting upright, feeling wrong.

She felt around for her phone.

Her eyes ceased to open.

“Where am I?”, she asked an empty room.

She forced her eyes open.

She looked around. Home. Her apartment.

She looked to the left. Empty.

She sighed, relieved. She looked out the window. Twenty inches of snow blanketed the street.

“Oh, snow, I forgot about you.” she said, dramatic. “How I wish my life was this street, muffled and soundless. Covered with something new, fresh, clean. OH, UNKNOWABLE SNOW.”

She ran to the bathroom and threw up.

She felt better. She made SuperPretzel Bites and drank a Coca-Cola on the couch.

It was nine a.m. Her head throbbed.

“Death! How I yearn for the sweet release of timeless death. That master of what is not known, that awesome relief. Death by hangover! It has happened, I daresay it will happen again. How I long to be it’s next companion, DEATH DEATH DEATH!”

She finished the pretzels.

“I think I’m still drunk”, she said to no one.

“I hope I don’t have to go to brunch.”


  1. I love your blog. A lot.

  2. shouldn't it be "dramaticALLY", since it's an adverb?

  3. At least you got out of bed and got dressed on Saturday, that's more than you usually accomplish...

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