You know you're a mess when...

1) You confuse leggings for pants.

2) You wear last season's black boots and forget that they had holes in them. On the one day it rains in weeks.

3) You attempt to get up to go to the gym in the morning, but in a half stupor/sleep, you shut off the alarm and wake up at 8:47.

4) Your new coworker asks if you have cats. In complete seriousness.

5) You wear your new black leather jacket outside in the rain, without an umbrella, and ruin it.

6) You eat a mini 3 Muskeeteers bar for lunch and call it a diet.

7) Your paycheck fails to deposit itself and you overdraft because you spend 10 dollars on dinner.

8) Your immune system is so low that you get the flu shot and immediately get a version of the flu that you name Flu Jr.



  1. So many things to add to why kellys a mess:

    1. You order free business cards, sounds like a good idea except the catch is they say free on them.
    2. You get drunk while watching Aladdin and playing Clue on a Tuesday night, and to make matters worse you lose to me and gen.
    3. You have been wearing around my boots that are two sizes too big for you and have a broken heel.

    Oh I could keep going forever, but I'll stop here best buddy!

  2. How do you get sick from a flu shot when the shot is actually inactive?

    But here's mine
    1. you try to kill time walking around Target and end up traumatizing your kid by walking past a scary talking skeleton you didn't even SEE until the hysterics began.

  3. if you get the flu after getting the flu shot it is because you were already exposed. duh, you should watch more Today Show. Oh, wait, you have a job. Well, a leave your house job. You know what I mean. I work hard... just look at the three oversized loads of laundry sitting unfolded in my laundry room...

  4. I LOVE the today show. Watching it is my favorite part of sick days.

    Oh the things I would do to Matt Lauer...

  5. You know you're a mess when you want to wear Hunter boots to a bar. AT NIGHT. IN NEW YORK CITY. Oh I'm sorry, were you planning on going to Bar None? Cheapshots? Down the Hatch?

  6. You guys go to bar none? My buddy is part owner there!

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