Melodramatic Things I Write On The Train

There is no end to this, no end in sight. And so I will keep running around, living, looking at apartments and drinking and laughing and at some point, a point that has yet to be ingrained in my mind, I will accept It. That this is what happened to me. This is my story. And I'll finally be free, able to look people in the eye when they say oh you'll feel better soon, one day, this will all be behind you-- I will be able to look at them and say, no. I won't. And that's okay.

Because I'm still here.


  1. That, my sister, was not so melodramatic. Your honesty and liveliness is two of the reasons why I love you. I know others feel the same way.

  2. dramaqueen! like, GET OVER YOURSELF.

    just kidding. you're my idol. love you best buddy.

  3. on an unrelated note- HAHAHAHHAAHA! just saw your tweet to McLovin! you might want to delete this in case he checks out your comments! aaaahahaha. nothing like laughing at someone else's lameness to get you out of a funk.

  4. I thought to myself WWRD?

    What would Rachel Do?

    Exactly that. Except replace kelly-bergin.com with toldya.com.


  5. This is soo good! Very deep and beautiful.


  6. I so wish I was sitting on the beach in california listening to this poem in your dramatic reading voice...