I am in an interesting economic situation.

I'm employed (barely), but I have no money.

Frankly, I blame the Jersey Shore Premium Outlets. They somehow scouted me out (I blame the Internet) and decided to build a J.Crew outlet, knowing that I would provide them with enough money to stick around for a very, very long time. It is due to their fiscal prowess that I now sit here (at work), writing about my very real lack of funds.

And I'm going away this week. To California. With Rachel. Which surely means that my limited finances will take a Depression-sized hit.

The worst part is that I need to move out of my house. Badly. (See post about my commute). Why oh WHY didn't I save my money? I had a nice chunk of change post graduation, but four months of laziness and no income has depleted my stash of cash. And now I'm going to have to turn tricks on the street.

Not in the Ashley Dupre way, but maybe with some overturned pots and a drumstick. Maybe I'll even get discovered!


  1. YOU are not upper middle class, rather you live in a home owned by people who are upper middle class.

    I told you in july to stop spending all of your money, that you'll need it for a down payment on the apartment you want so badly.

    no one listens to Kristie.

  2. I told you the same thing as Kristie... you never learn.

  3. you shouldn't ever say how much money you have publicly.
    haven't you ever heard of identity theft? or just theft in general?

  4. Alright sorry. Whatever, I now have more than enough to move out and that's all that really matters.

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