Trigemenial Neuralgia

I swear to God, I must have been Hitler in my past life.

I actually hate this line of thought; that we are reincarnated and paying, karmically, for the sins caused by our former selves.

I'm also not quite convinced of karma. I have been an asshole many times in my life, many many times in my life, but I know even bigger assholes who walk around scot-free, without any karmic retribution.

Yeah. I don't believe any of that crap.


For the past few weeks, I've been experienced pain in my lower left jaw. My right jaw had gone completely numb when I was in Mexico. I had also been experiencing MS-like symptoms. Falling often, dizzines, blurred vision.I believed this to be from the bad teeth that would soon be extracted. 

Until Tuesday, when the pain in my gums, cheek and jaw was so bad, I was admitted to the hospital.

I needed IV pain medication to sedate me, to soften my pain. I cried hysterically for days, because a pain like this was even too big for me to handle.

I had no idea something could hurt so badly, I'd truly wish to be dead so that I would be free physical pain. 

I was released Thursday morning after they seemed to come to a conclusion. and had me scheduled to meet a neurosurgeon and pain management doctor tomorrow.

They hesitated to give me the diagnosis, because as my doctor friend responded to the news :"Fuuuuck. Noooo.."

I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called Trigeminal Neuralgia, where convulsions in the face cause pain that feels like electrical bolts. I thought my cheekbone was coming through my skin.

The diagnosis is more common over 50 but it is still very rare. LIke, one in 50,000. Sheeeeet.

I have to find a way to keep living despite this absolutely horrific pain.

It's absurd, for me, to be diagnosed with what they call

...the most painful affliction known to mankind. 

The suicide disease.

Like, Jesus Christ. 

My book is gonna be amazing now.

Thank you for all the love. It is appreciated.


  1. Oh, Kelly. I am so, so sorry to hear this news.

  2. Hey Lady Face this is libby from high school days and I did cut ur hair once but i wanted u too know that i read ur blogs and i think ur are the most strongest amazing person ....And i know we never hung out but If u need anything anything at all please contact me ur are AMazIng and GREAT and i hope u know that ...

  3. Kelly, I am a young person in an old body who found your blog & twitter through Lisa Adams...both of you are beyond strong and working with a boatload of s*#t handed to you by life that you certainly did not ask for... your willingness to share the trip with us in the honest way you provide, steels many of us for what we, our family and friends may encounter ...if I had a wish for you , beautiful child, it would be to be able to rise above the pain and trauma you have endured and to be comfortable and carrying on with the things in life you love....this can happen and I believe it will. I am sending you the best I can...huge amounts of strength and love.

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