The Greatest Currency

I have been up all night, so forgive any typos or grammar errors. I am frustrated and I feel like saying this, and so, I will.


I know it cannot be fully appreciated until it's gone but do one thing for me, today. 

Cherish your health, your sleep, your ability to rely on your body to walk or go out or even watch TV. Cherish it. Think about it. Just think about your feet and your hands and how nice it is to move and dance and breathe. How lovely cold tile feel on barefeet in the summer and how good water pressure can make you suddenly awake.

Teach yourself to remember this when you are dealing with a sick or elderly friend or family member. Try to remember how upset and annoyed you are when you have a cold or a stomach bug or allergies. How you feel failed and frustrated and cranky. Imagine how the chronically ill and dying feel about their bodies, constantly in pain and criminally uncomfortable.

Good health is freedom. Good health is a currency to covet. Good health is everything. And for the past few weeks, I especially have lusted for it. 

Because It is so much harder to be without it and still want to live. It is so much harder to be a friend because hiding away is easier, because your pain is not on display, because you can sleep and in sleep, you are free. Living without health does not take away the world's beauties or reasons to stay alive, but it leaves you feeling caged. Stuck in the exit row of the plane that waits listlessly on the tarmac as you alternate between feeling hot and cold.

So, please:

Love your body and take care of it. These are things I need to do, and I think we should all do them together. We should all learn these lessons together. Good health doesn't last forever. But let's make it last for as long as we can.

And thank you to all of you who have shown me kindness along the way. It means the world to me.



  1. Wish I had tons of friends so I can make these words go viral because this is such wisdom.

  2. This is incredible. Please share and pass this on.

  3. I have come to know you via Instagram and you blow me away. Thank you for this reminder.

  4. I feel for you in every which way. I, too, are the unwanted receipent of 24/7 pain that rules my life. You are so brave since you are able to put it all out there...I'm not there yet, but you are giving me the courage day by day, step by step. Please know that there are people out there that hang on your ever word because we belong to a sisterhood that uses our body and energy as it's dues.

  5. Your words, feelings and thoughts have such meaning. We take our health for granted which means we take our family, friends and pets who live and need us for granted. Only when we are confronted by life's limitations that we are aware of these gifts. It's the unlimited life that makes us unaware

  6. Been reading your blog in the last view days. Am moved by you! Love from Holland, Timia

  7. Thank you for this! <3