In Which I Die Alone Due To Awkwardness

  • Me, at gas station trying to figure out how to screw the cap on: AGH, I HATE MYSELF!!
  • (Spots guy with dog)
  • Guy with Dog: Hey.
  • Me: Can you come over here and help me? I will hold your dog.
  • Guy: Okay.
  • Guy fixes car nozzle in twelve seconds
  • Me: Ha, I guess I'm not good with cars, I just moved from New York..
  • Guy: I love New York, my dog's named Brooklyn.
  • Me, thinking this is true love: Oh my god, that's so cute.
  • Guy: Where you headed now?
  • Me, thinking about to get murdered: Oh, um, to look at apartments.
  • Guy: Good luck, that's always hard...(launches into adorable story)
  • Me, flustered by his cuteness: Haha
  • Guy: Well...
  • Me, in one breath: Hahaokaybyehaveagooddaythankyou
  • Guy: Yes, you too. Enjoy your day.
  • Me: Enjoy your dog! Bye!
  • Guy: Errr...okay.


  1. thank you for my second laugh of the day

  2. Enjoy your dog?!?!

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