Fill in the blanks, EURO STYLE.

My Solo Sojourn Through Europe: Kelly Tries Life On Her Own®: Fill in the Blanks Edition!

Here we go:

I will definitely...smoke a cigarette backwards.

I may, unfortunately...attempt to 'rock' a beret.

It's only obvious that I...ruin various pieces of white clothing with red wine.

I will most definitely...accidentally speak the only line of French I know, which is "Vous avez un grand bout", or, as the Americans say, "You have a big butt."

I must...learn the French word for "lonely" and just say it, over and over until someone puts me to bed.

I must...learn the French for "Buy me lots of wine" and just say it, over and over, and until someone buys me a lot of wine.

It's possible I will...fall into the Seine on the romantic sunset cruise I am taking...BY MYSELF

Hopefully, I won't...perish, Holloway style.

I will want...to stay.

But most likely, I will...go home and never be the same.


Chip in, if you'd like. Or just wish me (and Europe) luck.

See ya in a week.


  1. After traveling all over the US I finally made it to Europe this summer and your going to love it!Take it all as grand adventure! And write all about it when you get back! Love reading your work!

  2. Europe will never be the same.

  3. I am so glad you are able to go. Can't wait to hear about your adventures. Hope you feel well and can enjoy it!

  4. C'mon, everyone knows :Voulez vous couchez avec moi haha