someone once told me i should write more serious shit on my blog so this is what happened this week, no jokes or nothin! DEAL, BITCHES.

My tooth hurts on Wednesday and by Thursday I am in agony

and by Friday I am in the dentist’s chair

and on Saturday I am swollen but fine

and I miss Halloween because I cannot

will not

drink for the fun and the costume.

And even though i think that this is my chance to shine

I’m tired and this year is not last and this is not fun and I do not

have the energy to create and drink and forget.

And Sunday I wake up and my face is a wreck

all shapes and circles

all the hard lines disappeared under this mask.

In the ER they call it edema

and because I am special and worthy,

and because once in Philadelphia

they called me the mystery child,

They Are Confused.

And because I am entitled and young and susceptible,

I get a bed in the wing for old people.

And because of my shitty luck, a scalpel meets my skin

and my gums bleed

and I kick the sheets

and I scream on the inside

and I am told how tough I am.

By Monday night I am released,

and Tuesday back at work.

I am tough


That is what they said.


  1. your such a great writer! i know i already said this in my facebook msg but i thought i'd share it in a comment too since you love comments:

    book too much?) but it is good. your line breaks are in the perfect places so that it just flows and chops the way you want it to (i assume).

    to summarize: kelrox haha

  2. what the farkle? my copy and paste got messed up. try again:

    the beginning is eerily like the very hungry caterpillar (or maybe i read that book too much?) but it is good. your line breaks are in the perfect places so that it just flows and chops the way you want it to (i assume).

    there we go.

  3. you are tough.

    you're tougher than Shyne and DMX put together.
    you're tougher than a stale Now and Later.
    you're tougher than OxiClean on top of a Brillo pad.
    you're tougher than Bush was on the War on Terror.
    you're tougher than an Allidillo (half alligator/half armadillo) wearing a bullet proof vest.

    you're tougher than lupus...and cancer...and some other random auto-immune disorder all rolled up into one being.

    yeah, you're tough.

    that's why i allow myself to go punch-for-punch with you.

  4. That is truly brilliant, Gen. Truly, truly brilliant.

  5. THE toughest. Ever. And more so than we'll ever know.

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  9. Хорошо написал. Так держать!!! :)

  10. +1 поддерживаю

  11. А у Вас талант писателя прям :)

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