What Not To Do: The Kelly Bergin Story


1) Tell everyone (including coworkers) that an appendectomy is the best surgery ever because "you get to drink two days post-op but can't exercise for six weeks!". People will finally see you for what you are. Which is not good.

2) Give invitations to do shots with people you haven't seen in years. This is not the way to celebrate your reunion. It just reminds them WHY they haven't hung out with you in years.

3) Hop in a stranger's car because he offers you a ride home. Only do this if said stranger offers you candy or alcohol.

4) Ignore your cable bill so that you can buy an expensive camera. Your internet and cable will be rudely and abruptly shut off, leading to devastation and tears.

5) Wear a low cut dress and then hang out with a toddler. Your lady parts may become exposed when lifting squirming child.

6) Automatically click on every Twitter follower you acquire. This is how you end up looking at Twitter porn at work.

7) Pick up your hair straightener when it falls in the toilet. It will still be 360 degrees and you will burn your hand badly, leading to a chorus of expletives and tears. You will then have to attempt to type a blog entry with your misshapen claw of a hand, all the while cursing your stupidity and the hangover that caused such a lack in judgment.

8) Assume that you can shop and buy expensive things because your landlord forgot to take out your rent money. He will eventually remember and you will be left with 800 dollars to pay this month's rent, food, bills and gas for your upcoming trip to Tennessee. Prostitution, here I come.


Should I pitch my idea of "What Not To Do: The Kelly Bergin Story" to TLC?

I think I could impart some serious knowledge.


  1. fyi you better catch up on your cable bill that can get put on your credit report. also a comment on the blog in general: you're a spaz.

  2. Ha, I know. Thanks Liz. We had to pay it so that it could come back on. There's a limit to how many days I can live without my DVR and that limit is one day.

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  4. Good advice. I look forward to putting you up for sale for gas money on our way down to TN.

  5. this one gets a solid 8.7... You work the self-deprecation humor like no one else Kelly Bergin! And Meghan, great idea. (Although Tennessee is totally one of those places where prostitutes get cut up into a million pieces and buried in shallow graves off the interstate.)

  6. Eek. Thanks Gen. Maybe I should implement a rating system for each blog.

  7. That's why you need to THINK about buying something before you actually buy it.

  8. It costs a lot to be as awesome as your cousin/confirmation sponsor.