Ash Wednesday

Happy Ash Wednesday, everyone!

It's that time of year when everyone (well, us God-forsaken Catholics, anyway) give up one of our cherished vices for forty long days. Although I am not known for my reverence, I have decided to follow Jesus' teachings and give up something for Lent.

The problem is that I have so so many vices to choose from, and it's hard to pick from that ever-growing list. I also don't want to give up anything.

So what should it be? The options are:

1) Drinking (God doesn't hate me and wouldn't want me to suffer, right? Or is that the point of Lent? Jeez, one year out of Catholic school and I've forgotten everything.)
2) Candy (Considering that I just ate cotton candy that is over a week old, I don't think this is going to work.)
3) Super Pretzel Bites (This is what I eat for dinner every night, so...no. Plus they are delicious.)
4) Vodka (I can still drink beer though. NO more blackouts! No more Pregnant Men!)
6) Chocolate (See how I keep narrowing things down? But still, no.)
7) My blog (Yeah. Like I'd ever deprive my readers of laughter. Or myself of attention.)
8) Text messaging (And actually have to TALK to people? No.)
9) Blogging at work (Then what would I do?)
10) Not exercising (So I'll join a gym...No.)

So what should I pick? I'm leaning toward giving up my lazy, couch potato lifestyle...but this would involve exercise and less carbohydrates...



  1. Two options:

    (1) Give up going to sleep without being very drunk, therefore you will stay out later than midnight with me for once.

    (2) Give up something that everyone else loves, but you hate. Therefore, you will seem noble for simply adhering to your normal routine. Case in point: I'm giving up chocolate chip cookies (or maybe romantic comedies/action films).

  2. Or, you know, you could give up feigning interest in a religion you don't believe in or care about.

  3. We could BOTH do that, but then we won't have an excuse to shed a poor habit. And I like your ideas.

  4. you could just decide to do something nice for people each day instead of giving something up. that might be too hard for you though. remember when they made us do that back in st leos? i think there might even have been "lent buddies" involved. did this happen or am i making it up?
    i thought about giving up facebook or chocolate. clearly too difficult.

    ps- hey "nick m" as in nicky mccarthy?! see how your blog brings people together kel!

  5. This was inspired by me.

    I second the doing nice things idea. Although, I doubt this Ashley knows about the days when we forced you complement each of us once a week. "You look less fat in those jeans than the others." "Your skin is clearer than Seal's."

  6. I think you must refrain from saying anything bad/mean/sarcastic to Kristie

  7. I know, she might start a blog about you or something weird like that.

  8. how about you give up pestering people to leave comments on your blog?!!!!

  9. I have some good ones for you:
    1.No mass texting
    2. Stop complaining you want to go home early when I come out to BK
    3. Stop making fun of everyone

    That's it for now. I'll prob think of more later

  10. I remember Lent buddies! Good old st. leos trying to make us like each other.

    I agree with Katie. And Meghan. And Gen. And Ashley.

    Brenna: I think I will start my own blog. It'll be called, "Confessions of a teenage drama queens, sister". Or it could be a take on your blog, "Rude things my sister says to me".
    I'll gladly take anyones suggestions.